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There’s life in a broken heart and love in the deepest pain.
There’s beauty in praying your mess away, in scrubbing until your heart bleeds wide open...
and sometimes, there's nothing left to do but pray and scrub.


After the storm...

There is hope. There is always hope.
Even in the face of destruction, there is hope.

Homesick and Heartbroken for the South.
Praying for Shelter, Comfort, Peace and Healing.
Though I can't be there in person, my prayers are already there.




Will you be a part of it? -to give, volunteer, and donate

Magic City Post -for information, donation sites -evolving list for volunteering & donations

Hands on Birmingham -to volunteer in Birmingham

Tide Loads of Hope will be in Tuscaloosa Tuesday.

Register & Search for Loved Ones, through the Red Cross

2-1-1 is the best number to call to request help.
Spanish translators are needed. 205-248-5045

I've seen several people/agencies express specific donations that are needed, to include, but not limited to: Underwear. Diapers. Flashlights & batteries. Shoes. Food. Water. Bug Spray. Sunscreen. Trash bags & large storage bins. (see links above for donation sites)


*Pictures from friends on facebook who live in Tuscaloosa, AL and survived the storms.

[[edited to add:
for current, minute-by-minute information, follow the following on twitter or facebook. i'm too lazy to link all these accounts, but they're easily found through searching. these are just the accounts i've been keeping up with. there are many more accounts in social media that have important information to pass along. try searching for sheriff's offices, churches, schools, etc.
Alabama EMA
James Spann
Toomer's for Tuscaloosa
American Red Cross
The Salvation Army
Tide Loads of Hope
Tuscaloosa News
Birmingham News]]



come and go...

When I packed my college apartment to move home in December of 2005, it wasn't because I graduated. It was because I had failed to meet the terms of my scholarship agreement. It was because I liked to party. It was because I wasn't responsible enough to live on my own.
And so I left.
Just like that. I packed my things and came home.
I left a student government position.
I left classmates and projects.
But mostly, I left friends.
Good friends.
The kind of friends you know you'll know for the rest of your lives.

friends from TROY
LtoR: Cader, Jamie, Katie, LeNee, Sidnie
Front: Bubba
Shortly after leaving TROY, I enrolled in a community college near my parents' house.
I worked a part time job.
I met David.
Our love story* began...
and here I am now, in Germany.
Missing our soldier in Afghanistan.
Jet lagged from a wonderful trip to Alabama.
A college drop out.
With the kind of friends I'll know for the rest of my life by my side.

I went home last month to watch a dear best friend walk down the aisle. We were seventh graders, making plans to be neighbors when we grew up. We were college roommates.
She married another dear friend from high school.
During our layover in Baltimore, I ate dinner and caught up with the first person to ever say Hello to me in TROY (and her fiance).
I dined (and might have had a strawberry margarita) with the amazing friends above, who drove an hour or so to see me during my last days at home.

When I returned to Germany, our military community was waiting for us.
Ann, in the midst of packing for their trip home, cooked us dinner.
And our week is already full with play dates and the like.

I may leave sometimes,
but I promise,
I'll always come back.

This space has been a little quieter than usual.
Everything is ok.
Just life happens.
And I got caught in old friends and red clay and crushed ice
and plane rides.
We're home now, in Germany.
But I'm thinking this space will remain kind of quiet...
I'll come and go.
Like always.
Just maybe a little less often....

*A new love story post is coming soon-ish. Promise!


on lending a hand...

sunshine and a breeze

Three soldiers from our military community were killed fighting a fight that's not their own.

Will you join me today over at Pennies and Blessings as I encourage you to lend a hand?

It hurts my heart to see you cry
I know its dark this part of life
Oh it find us all and we're to small
to stop the rain
Oh but when it rains

I will stand by you,
I will help you through
When you've done all you can do
and you can't cope
I will dry your eyes,
I will fight your fight
I will hold you tight
and I won't let you fall

~Rascal Flatts, I Won't Let Go

If you haven't heard this song yet, grab a box of tissues before you click play.

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